General Conditions

Moebius Travel Ltd affirms explicitly:

1. Responsability
Moebius Travel Ltd acts as intermediary in the booking or contract of the different linked and involved services in the respective tour or booking of hotels, restaurants, services, means of transport (air, terrestrial, and lacustrine as correspond) or other providers. Nevertheless, the company responsibilities, as organizer or travel intermediary will be established according to the dispositions in the International Convention related to the travel contract and approved by law 19918. The company does not take responsibility for the facts that can be produced for act of God, force majeures, weather phenomena or those that can take place during or before the development of the tour that prevent, delay or in any way constitute an obstacle to achieve partially or totally the provisions commited by the company in accordance with the appointed in the Civil Law. In consequence, it declines all kind of responsibility for damage, losses, thefts or prejudices that people or their goods could suffer due to any cause that could provoke it. The company is not responsible for schedule modifications or flight changes determined unitarily by the participant airlines either.

2. Air, terrestrial or lacustrine transport
The use of air, terrestrial or lacustrine transport by the passengers, implies a direct relationship between the transport companies and the passengers, in consequence Moebius Travel Ltd declines any responsibility for delays, advances or cancellations that airlines or transport companies could make, and the expenses that could take place will be paid by the passengers. The ticket of the passenger will be the contract between him and the transporter. The ticket will be the only commitment between the airline and the passenger. This company does not take responsibility for any act or omission that could take place with the passengers at the moment they are in the aircraft. The respective airline and the present company reserve the right to modify schedules and/or flight changes if the weather conditions either force majeures reasons or attributable to the company would demand it. The same is applied in the case of not regular transport or charter. Without prejudice, in these cases, it will be refunded only the corresponding price of the terrestrial part (hotels, lodging, and excursions) that will be determined by the organizer according to the methods and conditions of the clauses previously mentioned. In order to apply this, the passengers have to be informed of the transport quality foreseen in the given or expressed document.

3. Booking
The reservations must be confirmed by paying 30% of the total price of the tour. The resulting balance will have to be cancelled 45 days before the beginning of the itinerary and the vouchers emissions will have be done when the total payment is finalized. The minimum price payed as booking concept can not be lower than 1000 USD, unless the price of the product is lower, in that case passenger must pay the total price of the tour. In case the passenger buys a tour with 45 days of anticipation or less, according to the announced date of the tour, he must pay the total price of the tour.

Domestic flights (inside Argentina) will be issued after the passenger´s final payment. With “down payment” booking of flight tickets are made, but they are not issued. If a passenger wants the tickets he must pay the total amount for them, avoiding possible rates increases.

International flight tickets must be paid at the same time of the down payment. All international flight tickets will be issued after their total payment is completed by the passenger.

Reservations must be confirmed by paying 30% of the total price of the tour. The resulting balance will have to be cancelled 90 days before the beginning of the itinerary. In case the passenger contracts the tour 90 days or less before the date programmed, he will have to pay the total price of the tour.

* In case passenger does not pay the balance of the tour price, after the dates established by the company, the tour will be cancelled without paying refunds for any concept.

Prices will be fixed and unvariable only after the total payment.

4.Requests and payments
The price and/or reservations of the services are subject to modifications without previous warning when alterations in the services take place, modifications in the costs, and types of anticipated currency exchange, by causes non-imputable to the parts. All the taxes paid before the definitive confirmation of the services are perceived as reservations. Definitive confirmation of services and prices will take place with the emission of the passages and/or vouchers and corresponding bills. The operations on credit will have to satisfy the own requirements determined in them. Add contrary the passenger will have to fulfill the payment of balances in the terms and conditions established in the contract. In case of a substantial increase of the price, due to an increase in the rates of the contracted services or by modification of the types of currency exchange that force a substantial and justified increase of the agreed price and in case the passenger does not accept to pay the resulting difference of this adjustment, perceived total amount until that moment will be refund, except 10% for banking and administrative expenses.

5.Confirmation of the trip
The trip will be confirmed once the total payment of the trip is completed, and the following documentation has being sent: 1) form of collection authorization accepting the general conditions of contract and 2) the confirmation of the trip, by fax or via e-mail.

The itineraries are published in referential form and will be subject to changes due to weather, operative conditions or any other nature out of our control, without previous warning and passengers cannot demand indemnification. The present company reserves for itself the right for technical or operative reasons, to partial or total modification of the daily ordering and/or services that compose the tour, before or during the execution of it. Except for conditions expressed in opposite, the hotels could be changed by others of equal or major category within the same urban nucleus without additional charges for the passengers. About these variations, the passenger will not have right to demand indemnification. Also, the company does not assume responsibility on the criteria and the control in the granting from categories to the hotels. Those categories that appears in the promotion of the packages and in the itineraries sent to the passengers, are official categories given by touristic authorities of each country. If the trip had to be interrupted or extended for fortuitous reasons or major force reasons, non-imputable to the company, the expenses caused by those situations will be exclusively in charge of the passengers. The company will be able to cancel any tour in case of some of the circumstances expressed in Art. 24 of decree 2182/72 are formed. Once the trip has begun, any cancelation, modification or interruption of the services by the passenger for personal reasons of any nature will not give right to demand any indemnification, refund or claim.

7.Limits to the permanence right
The present company reserves for itself the right to make any passenger leave the tour at any point of it. Any passenger whose behavior, actions, health or other serious reasons according to the company criteria, represents danger or causes annoyances to other travelers, being able to spoil the success of the excursion or the normal development of the tour.

8.Prices include
All the services specifically mentioned in each itinerary. Lodging by the amount of nights specified and mentioned in the itineraries and/or vouchers, specified hotels or others of equal or major category, occupying rooms according to the chosen ones, with taxes. Regime of meals, according to the specified items in voucher according to indicates in each opportunity and place. Visits and excursions that are included in the service acquired and detailed in vouchers, such as transfers from and to airports, terminals and indicated hotels. Lodging industry considers full day the one of arrival, and passengers will not be able to present reclamations if the hour differences makes the period of lodging shorter. Hotel rooms must be vacated at 10:00 a.m. being at the disposal of the passenger, the facilities of the hotel and/or cloakroom until the hour that the passenger retires. For the allocation of the rooms, they will be assigned to the arrival of the passengers in a whole according to the acquired one and specified in voucher, according to available rooms when passenger checks-in. Corresponding difference to any change of category in the assigned room will be paid by the passenger. All the rooms are standard category, unless the opposite in the emitted documentation be specified. The passenger can agree any changes of schedule of the programmed excursions with the local operator, whenever its order can be satisfied, opposite case, he will adjust to the regular schedule and programmed itinerary. For the case of any hiring of optional excursions, they are by risk of the passenger at the time of contracting them, not existing responsibility of the present company neither by the accomplishment of the tour, nor by the paid amount, since it is understood that we are not part of to the acquired and/or suitable services.

9.Prices do not include
Extras, drinks, telephone expenses, laundry, tips, medical services, bilingual guides (if it isn´t specified), parks, museums and reserves tickets, expenses of visa, expenses of procedure of passports, excess luggage, rates of boarding, rates on services, IVA and other taxes, present and/or future, nor no other service that is not indicated in vouchers respective, hereby emitted company and given personally or through the agency who made de operation. Additional expenses, meals and/or expenses or damages produced by cancellations, delays in the exits or arrivals of means of transport or for unexpected reasons other people to the company. Food in route except that included or programmed and specified. Expenses and interests in operations of credit and/or cards of payment are not included. Any cost that the passenger take if in trip had to move away beyond the terms determined by chance causes or major force, they must be afforded by the passenger with no right to demand indemnification or refunds.

10.Advantages for Residents in Argentina
In case of Argentine residents (people that has real address in Argentine territory, independent of the nationality), they will enjoy an advantage in some specific programs. For this, the passanger will have to confirm to Moebius Travel Ltd his/her condition of resident or non-resident in the Argentine Republic. In case of not doing so, we reserve the right to carry out adjustments in the prices, when necessary.

All the cancellations will have to be notified in writing. For the anticipated cancellations, the expenses of cancellation, once deduced the percentage corresponding to the lenders, will be the following:

•Before 45days previous to the beginning of the services 15%.
•Between 45 and 31 days previous to the beginning of the services 25%.
•Between 30 and 15 days previous to the beginning of the services 50%.
•Less than 15 days to date of exit or NO-SHOW, no matters the cause or reason, 100%
•In case of long weekends, Easter Holidays, high season, Christmas and New Year, will exist non-refundable amounts, no matter how early the services are cancelled.
•Cruises: if the passengers resign voluntarily to some of the services included in the program of the cruise, refunds will not correspond in any case. Cancellations: in case of cancellations before 90 days of the beginning of the trip a charge of USD 200 per person must be paid as reservation expenses. In case passenger cancels less than 90 days to the beginning of the trip the total amount paid will not be refunded.

Once the service is being rendered, the same will apply as to the annulment and voluntary dropping of the services

11.2By the company
The company reserves for itself the capability of cancelling tours in the following circumstances:

•In case of major force events like a concert, sport: perceived total amount will be refund, except the expenses derived from banking transactions and/or expenses.
•In case of trips which require a minimum number of passengers to be done and when this number has not been reached, it will be cancelled according to the established by Law 18829. In this case, the cancellation will be communicated with a minimum of 30 days of anticipation to the date of exit such as the expenses derived from the carried out banking transaction. The cancellation will be notified in writing directly to the passenger.

12.Name/Date Modifications – Reservations Modifications
When modifications are authorized by the services providers, the modifications will be approved and an amount of U$D50 for administrative expenses and/or communication must be paid.

Although the travel agency must orient and advise about the documentation, it is unique and exclusive responsibility of each passenger to have all the documents needed for the trip. The passenger will have to be provided of effective passport and the visas and vaccines required according to the selected itinerary. It is responsibility of the traveler to own all necessary documentation for his personal identification, before, during and to the arrival of the trip or to his return. If the passenger fail in any of the above mentioned, he/she will lose every right to any refund or indemnification if applies. The consequences of their omission and the expenses that will be originated as a result of it will be on behalf of the traveler, being applied in this case the conditions established for the voluntary dropping of the claim of services. The same will happen when the authorities of any country refuse to allow the entrance to the passenger. Greater information will be offered by participant airlines and/or respective consulates.

The Company is not responsible for any luggage and other customer’s personal effects, because those properties are excluded of transportation contract understanding that the passenger keeps them with himself all the time and to his own risk, without considering transportation place. This Company will not be obliged to take the responsibility for loses and/or damages that personal effects or luggage could suffer, that is why it is recommended to hire a travel insurance to cover the mentioned risks.

15.Information and Website Images
We thank the National Tourism Secretary and the corresponding authors of the provided images and we declare that the images are not saleable; they just illustrate and promote different places. Company updates periodically website information; however we do not take the responsibility for damages caused for any mistakes or omissions in the website.