Useful information

01. Before travelling make sure you check


  • Do you have a passport in use with a minimum validity of 6 months?
  • If you travel with minors, do you have their necessary documentation?
  • According to your destination, do you have the necessary visas?
  • Do you carry with you your airplane tickets and coupons for terrestrial services?
  • Additional: international driver´s license and international credit card.

Medical insurance


  • Please provide your travel agent with a special contact in case of flights reschedule
  • Do you have your frequent flyer number to book your flight?
  • Do you have a seat preference?
  • Do you need to request special meals?

In destination

  • Have you booked your hotel?
  • Would you like to make a transfer reservation from the airport to the hotel?
  • Would you like to rent a car?
  • Would you like to request excursions?



  • Passport: to enter you need a valid passport.
  • Visa: according to the country of origin, please consult at your embassy or consulate.
  • Vaccines: they are not demanded, with the exception of the cholera and the yellow fever vaccines for those travelers proceeding from countries in which these diseases are endemic.


  • Please declare photographic cameras, video cameras, computers and other goods of foreign industry that enter the country.
  • Tourists of not bordering countries remain exempt from any obligation on personal effects and new articles that are not over U$S 300 of value. The rest of this amount will have to pay 50 % of taxes. Moreover, U$S 300 can be added for goods acquired at free shops in national territory.
  • Medicines: consult with the embassy or consulate of the country the legality of entering with certain medicines or drugs. Remember always to carry the prescribed medicines in their original packages.
* Please consult with the National Administration of Customs for possible changes in the resolutions.


Checked luggage

Domestic flights*

•up to 15 kg in tourist class
•up to 30 kg in executive class

International Flights*
•From/ to USA/Canadá: two pieces of 23 kg each, of 157 cm (length + width + high)
•Rest of the world: tourist class 20 kg. Business class 30 kg. First class 40 kg

* Please check with your airline as there might be some variations.

Size: maximum 55 x 40 x 20 cm
Weight *
Tourist class: up to 6 kg.
First class: up to 9 kg.

* Please check with your airline as there might be some variations.

Minors' luggage
Minors under 2 years of age are not entitled to carry any luggage (with the exception of the pram, carrycot or cradle).

Excess luggage*
1, 5% of the average direct one-way tariff for tourist class is payed for each extra kilo in flights from Argentina to Europe.

*Please check with your airline as there might be possible variations. Likewise each company has the right to accept or reject the excess luggage.

Loss of luggage*
The report must be given to the airline on which you flew. Do not leave the airport without presenting this report and always request a copy of the form of complaint to notify the loss to your traveler’s assistance service (the report is the only proof to demand indemnity for the loss).

*Please check these indications with your traveler's insurance as the requirements may change.

Flight reconfirmation
•Please check your flight schedule at least 48 hours before departure as there might be changes in the departure time.
•Please inform the airline your hotel telephone number or other contact number in case of flight reschedule.
•Whenever you wish to modify a flight from your itinerary or if you were not to embark on any of your confirmed flights, please re-confirm the rest of the route. Otherwise, the reservation system will automatically cancel your subsequent flights.


Please consult the restrictions and rates for date modifications, cancellations or return of tickets.

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Argentina has a wide climatic variety: warm and humid in the “pampas”, cold and humid in the west extreme of the Patagonia, subtropical in the north part of the Mesopotamia and hot in the Northwest. From November until March, the average temperature is 23 °C and, from June to September, 12°C.

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Actual population: over 36 million.
Density: 13 inhabitants per Km ².
Almost the half of the inhabitants lives in the Capital City and in the province of Buenos Aires.
95% of Argentina population is white, principally descendants of Italians and Spaniards. 4,5% are half-caste and 0,5 % are natives (Mapuche, coyas, tobas, matacos …)

Official language:

There is freedom of religion, but the official one is the Roman Apostolic Catholic

Argentine Peso. In the tourist zones dollars and Euros are accepted.

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•Do not use unidentified transportation
•Arrange transport from/to the airport beforehand considering an extra time for any contingency (traffic jams, etc.)

•Photocopy your travel documentation: airplane tickets, first two sheets of your passport and those that contain visas, driver’s license, credit cards, traveler's checks, business documents, reservation numbers, hotel and car rental information.
•Keep the copies in different places and use one of them in your destination.
•Keep the original documents in a safe place.

•Identify your suitcases with labels with your personal information
•Check carefully that the tickets delivered for your luggage indicate correctly the city code to which they must be sent.
•Keep all your cleaning articles (especially liquids) in special bags.
•Do not put valuable objects or money in the luggage that will be checked.
•Do not take money, documents, traveler's checks and credit cards all in the same place.
•We recommend packing clothes, cosmetics, medicines and travel documentation in your hand-luggage.

•Please check if your medical insurance covers medical emergencies out your country.
•Please consider the convenience of hiring a specific travel insurance coverage.
•If you are taking medicines, please request a letter from your doctor describing them and the reason for which they have been prescripted to you.
•It is advisable that you renew the prescriptions to be sure of its availability during the trip.
•It would be useful to get a copy of your medical history and to photocopy it.

Jet Lag
•If you travel from East to West: we suggest you go to bed 1 or 2 hours earlier than your usual bedtime during the 5 previous days to the trip.
•If you travel from West to East: we suggest you go to bed later than your usual bedtime during the 5 previous days to the trip.
•During the flight, sleep all you can and avoid consuming alcohol, coffee and other drinks with caffeine.

Cultural conventions
It is convenient to get acquainted with the customs of the country you are visiting, because sometimes what may be usual in one country could be offensive in another.